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UG Ordinance

 Seminars & Projects in Industry

Every student has to undertake Seminars/Projects of professional interest or he may apt for Industrial training or may do both. The project may be related to theoretical analysis, an experimental investigation, a proto-type design, a new correlation and analysis of data, fabrication and setup of new equipment or a combination of some of these. The final project report should be submitted by the prescribed date usually three weeks before the end of final semester. The report of project or Industrial training would be evaluated by a panel of examiners consisting of Chairman, External Examiner, Internal Examiner, Guide and Co-guide wherever applicable and an oral examination is conducted after the semester-end examination. The assessment of the project work is done on the following basis.

  1. 25% marks evaluation by Project Supervisor
  2. 12.5 % marks for evaluation by Internal Examiner
  3. 12.5% marks for evaluation by External Examiner
  4. 25 % marks for seminar on the project
  5. 25% marks on viva voce