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Distinguished Alumni

Ms. Shraddha Pandey - Currently working as an IPS officer, India.

Mr. Chandan L. Barhate - Research Investigator-II at Bristol-Myers Squibb, New Jersy, USA.
Honors & Awards
Honorable Mention Poster award.
Served as a Chair at Fort Worth Regional Conference Science Fair as a part of chemistry division
Recipient of Merck grant, Title: Merck short/fast chiral column research visiting scientist grant
CASSS Travel Award for HPLC 2016
National Academy of Inventors conference fellowship
Research Assistantship, National Science Foundation
Multiple Awards of Excellence to recognize outstanding contributions to AbbVie’spipeline and research projects.

Nadeem Bulsara

Nadeem Bulsara

  • Senior Solutions Architect - Global Life Sciences | Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • President/Director/Member Company Name Rotaract Club of Pune Kalyaninagar from Aug 2005 – Jun 2009 for the Cause of Social Services.
  • Board member for AKDN - AKES Pune, India Company Name Aga Khan Development Network.

Priyanka Pathak

Ms. Priyanka Pathak

  • Registered Patent Attorney with an experience in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and chemical arts. I prepare patent applications for multinational companies operating in the domain of core life-science and biotechnology industry with an expertise in Genetic engineering, Cell and Gene therapy, Immunotherapy, Bio-chemicals, R-DNA-technology.
  • Her competence lies in handling high volumes of work under stringent deadlines.
  • She advises clients on a host of legal issues, assist in the prosecution of patent applications and attend oral hearings before the Patent Office.
  • She has research experience in Molecular Biology and is  involved in designing of expression system for therapeutic proteins, cloning of target gene, Genotypic characterization of bacterial and mammalian cell lines, applications involving Bioinformatics in the field of molecular biology and genetic engineering.

Honors & Awards

  • Secured top position in Inter college dance competition honor dated Apr 2011.
  • Woman of the match (CRICKET) honor dated Mar 2011and as captain of team and was "Highest scorer" in Inter-college CRICKET competition.
  • Gold medalist for prefect (Class Representative)- SIX years cont.

Siddhant Bhoir

Mr. Siddhant Bhoir

  • Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar - Faculty of Biological Engineering.

Suchita Gupta

Ms. Suchita Gupta

  • Product Manager, Delhi, India.
  • A young and aspiring candidate in Biotechnology.
  • She possesses keen interpersonal abilities and has learnt the skills of Biotechnology and hands on computer and biotechnological instruments as well.
  • Six months project work from IIT Kanpur on “cloning expression and purification of E.colipeptidyl t-RNA hydrolase”
  • Six months industrial training in Drug Discovery Research, Panacea Biotec Ltd. on “Learning Analytical Techniques involved in Drug Discovery and Vaccine Testing”. Handling of HPLC, NMR,FT-IR, LC-MS and working with Immunological Assays.