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Teaching Methodology


Teaching is done through lectures by faculty, on the topics in the curricula, practical demonstrations, guest lectures by eminent scientists.Group And Self-Learning is considered as an important aspect of teaching and learning. Students are given topics for self learning and submission of assignments based on these topics. Group discussions are encourages. Quiz competetions and presentations by students are done regularly.It is a very effective means towards preparing professionals who are proactive in seeking and acquiring knowledge. Students are encouraged to study a topic in a group and work as a team. Free exchange of ideas among the group members through discussions and presentations not only leverages on time and effort but also enhances teaching and communication skills.

 Tutorial Problem Solving exercises

Majority of theoretical lectures are later followed by tutorials where a faculty member sits with students in small group and helps them to sove the problems. Exercises are given and assistance is given for information search and processing. Students are encouraged to use web resources.

 Industrial/research institute Internship

Every undergraduate student has to take one or two short tem projects either in Industry or in a research institute. BBT, BBI have one semester project. M.Sc. has six months project and MIT has two semesters project in Industry or research institute. This exposes students to Industrial and research environment.

 Evaluation Procedures

The Institute follows continuous evaluation approach. Multiple inputs are obtained for evaluation of students performance through assignment, presentations, group projects quizzes, written tests, and viva-voce. Final course grades are calculated on the basis of these internal assessments by teachers (TA), class tests (CT) and end semester examination (ESE) by the University.

 Latest Curricula

Students and teachers actively participate in curricula updates. The students and teachers discuss the latest developments and science news. Their representatives along with teachers discuss the same in departmental meeting. Later the curriculum committee in Biotechnology & curriculum committee in Bioinformatics consider the inclusion or deletion of the topic and send their recommendations to chairman Board of Studies of the University where the expert openion is sought and matter presented to academic committee and Faculty of Technology and submitted to Board of Management for final approval.

 Research and Development

Students are encouraged to participate in the research done by the faculty in their spare times. R & D projects undertaken shall be implemented strictly on time bound basis.