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1. Whether the Vidyapeeth is recognized by the UGC and Government of India?
Yes, the Vidyapeeth is recognized by the UGC under Section 3 of the Vidyapeeth Grants Commission, Act, 1956 and Government of India.
2. What are the courses being offered by the Institute?
The Institute offers B.Tech( Biotechnology), B.Tech (Medical Biotechnology) and M.Tech (Integrated) in Biotechnology.
3. Whether the Vidyapeeth offers Ph. D. programme, if yes, in which specializations?
Yes, Institute offer Ph. D. programme in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics.
4. Whether hostel facility is available?
5. What is the Admission procedure for Indian students?
The admission forms are normally available in the month of February onwards. The admission advertisements are released in the National and Regional Newspapers, where all the admission details are given.
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6. What is the admission procedure for NRI/PIO/FN students?
A person belonging to NRI / PIO / FN category is not required to appear for the entrance test conducted by the Vidyapeeth. However, he/she shall submit a separate application, in the specifically prescribed form, available in the office of Vidyapeeth. A committee, appointed by the competent authority for the purpose, admits candidates on the basis of inter se merit of the applicants, (decided on the basis of the academic record of the candidate, the standing of the institution from which the candidate has obtained the entry qualifications, etc.).

Under the NRI, PIO and FN categories, only those students who have studied and passed the qualifying examination from schools and / or colleges located in foreign countries (all countries other than India) are considered. This includes the students studying in schools and colleges situated in the foreign countries, even if the concerned school / college is affiliated to any Board of Secondary Education or a Vidyapeeth in India. However, wards of NRIs, PIOs or FNs, who are studying for the qualifying examination in schools located in India, are excluded.
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7. Whether the colleges/institutes under Dr. D. Y. Patil Vidyapeeth, Pune are recognized by the respective statutory councils?
Yes, the colleges/institutes are recognized by respective statutory councils, such as MCI, DCI, INC, Association of Indian (AIP) Physiotherapists, DEC, etc.
8. On whose name the payments are to be made?
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9. What is the medium of instruction?
Medium of instruction in institute is English.