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UG Ordinance


Helping Weaker Students

Students week in Biology or mathematics are given remedial courses.

The students with backlogs are encouraged to reappear for the examination in the following semester. They can also attend the same course in summer to improve their knowledge in the subject.

They can continuously seek help from the faculty adviser.

The Institute will also communicate to the parents/guardians about the performance of their ward semesterly / annually. This is with the intention that the parents of the students having backlogs should be made aware about the performance of their wards and it is expected that they should keep constant touch with the faculty adviser and the concerned Head of the Department

Faculty Advisor

On joining the Institute, a student or a group of students is/are assigned to a faculty adviser. The students are expected to consult the faculty adviser on many matters relating to their academic performance and the courses they may take in various semesters / summer terms. The faculty adviser is the person to whom the parents/guardians should contact for performance related issues of their ward.