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UG Ordinance

 Academic Qualities

The teaching-learning process aims to develop a number of qualities in students.

Disciplined Work

It is necessary that student must develop ability to put in sustained and disciplined hard work over a sufficient length of time. The course work during a semesters is designed such, that student has to be regular and work continuously.

Self -Learning

The key feature of an education system is that student must understand what he learns through lectures, tutorials and practicals. For this, he should develop a self-learning habit and move away from teacher-cantered learning to student-specific learning. The curriculum will actively encourage self learning. For this purpose, 15% of the time allotted to theory and tutorial classes, will be specifically earmarked for independent study and assignments.

Flexibility in Pace of Learning

Learning speed of different students is different. Although all students are expected to complete all assignments and homework during the stipulated time, there is a provision for late submissions beyond the deadlines with small penalty. The faculty will notify of the penalty for late submission for each tutorial/practical session and also the time up to which late submissions will be accepted.

Design Orientation

The curriculum is structured to develop designing skills. The students are encouraged not only to perform an experiment, but also design the same. They would be taught how to design their own products as: drugs, metabolites and proteins.

Quality Consciousness

Students should be aware of the importance of continuous improvement, building zero-defect products and doing quality work. All courses will emphasize on quality control as an integral part of teaching. A special course on quality control in pharmaceutical manufacture and Bioinformatics data is introduced.

Group and Cooperative Working

Many assignments are done in groups. Students are advised to take advantage of the expertise of other students and work in a cooperative manner, to enhance the output and improve its quality.