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UG Ordinance


Semester-wise Registration

Registration at the beginning of each semester on the prescribed dates announced from time to time, is mandatory for every student till he/she completes his/her program. On joining the Institute, each student is assigned to a faculty adviser. The faculty adviser is expected to discuss with the student his/her academic performance during the previous semester and then decide the number and nature of elective courses for which the students can register during the semester.

Registration of the First Two Years (semesters I-IV)

During the first and second year of training, student has to register for all the courses, except remedial courses.

Registration for Fifth Semesters Onwards

During the third, fourth and fifth years (Registration for semesters fifth onwards), student can select elective courses as per the advice given by his/her faculty adviser.

A student is normally required to register for a minimum of 24 to 25 credits every semester.

Registration of Weaker Students
1. Remedial courses

Remedial courses are given to the week students on the advice of the faculty coordinator.

2. Award of grace marks

Grace marks can be given to weaker students to facilitate them to clear the backlog.

The maximum grace marks for an examinee should be one percent of the aggregate of maximum marks of all the papers at the examination.

Grace marks can be given in two heads or papers. Grace marks can be given only in those subjects, in which the candidate will pass after addition of grace marks

Allowed-to-keep-terms (ATKT)

Students with backlogs in semesters I, III and V, VII (and IX in case of MIT) are allowed to register for Semesters II, IV, VI, VIII (and X in case of MIT) irrespective of the number of backlogs.

Students of semesters Id, IV, VIth, (and VIII in case of MIT) are allowed to register for the semesters III, V, VII (and IX in case of MIT) only if the number of backlogs are not more than two in both the semesters of the previous year.

However such a student must pass in all the papers of previous year (I and II Semesters in case of registration of IV Semester and Semesters III-IV in case of registration of VI Semester, Semesters V-VI in case of registration to VIII Semester, and Semesters VII- VIII in case of registration for X semester of MIT).

Grant of Leave

If the student misses the class (Lecture/Tutorial/Lab etc.)/ Internal evaluation due to personal illness or accident, his /her application for medical leave must be supported by proper medical certificate. In case of certificates issued by private medical practitioners, same should be duly countersigned by the authorities prescribed by Dr. D.Y. Patil Vidyapeeth.

Medical certificates submitted by the students after the End-Semester Examination/Re-Examination and/or award of grade(s) will not be considered. Hence, in case of self illness leave application with medical certificate must be submitted before examination/ re-examination starts