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International exchange programme
Maria Algerin
Senior Lecturer in Life Sciences
Department of Life Sciences
International Coordinator from Sweden
Email address,
Phone number +46-500-448641

3. Research collaboration 3 with Örebro University: (2015 to 2018)

A collaborative project “The emergence and persistence of novel resistance to 3rd generation cephalosporins and carbapenem in bacteria in the environment” funded by FORMAS, Swedish Research Council, Sweden, Jan 2015-Dec 2018 for SEK 4.9 million (Dr. Neelu Nawani was Indian coordinator and Dr. Jana Jass from Örebro University was Swedish coordinator, Dr. Abul Mandal from University of Skövde, Sweden was co-investigator)

Research outcome: 2 international publications

Exchange mobility through the research project:

Teacher’s participation: Exchange of the coordinators from both countries visited once each year for a minimum duration of one week. (Participants: Dr. Neelu Nawani, Dr. Jana Jass, Dr. Abul Mandal)

Students participation: Ms. Priti Yewale and Ms. Shambhavi Awate from DPU for 1 month for advanced training at UoS in 2016 and 2017

(Total number of mobilities: 05; 03 teachers and 02 research students)

Exchange program

Dr. Jana Jass, Örebro University, Sweden with Hon’ble Chancellor DPU Dr. P. D. Patil

Exchange program

Dr. Jana Jass, Örebro University, Sweden with Prof. J. K. Pal, Director, DYPBBI