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Summer Internship Program For School Students

  •   Day 1: Rotation
  •   Day 2: Briefing of Labs /Basics of Lab safety and Biosafety
  •   Day 3 onwards: Experimental modules on desired area of interest

  Different experimental modules offered during internship

 Industrial Biotechnology

Basics of fermentation technology

Upstream process, media preparation, Autoclaving

Fermentation Parameters, Downstream processing, Product recovery.

 Molecular Biology

Isolation of DNA, DNA quantification

Agarose gel electrophoresis (DNA separation)

Visualization of DNA

PCR (DNA amplification)


Introduction to microscopes and microscopic techniques

Staining of bacterial cells and cell structures

Isolation of bacteria from soil and water

 Plant Biotechnology

Plant Tissue Culture Basics

Types of cultures such as callus, cell suspension, protoplast, and meristem cultures


Protein and DNA databases, Retrieval of DNA and protein sequences

Finding homology between genes from different organisms, phylogenetic analysis and protein structure visualization

 Protein Biochemistry

Protein Isolation and quantification

Protein separation (SDS PAGE)

Chromatographic techniques

 Environmental Biotechnology

Physical and chemical analysis of water and soil

Dissolved oxygen, BOD and COD determination

 Animal Cell/ Cancer Biology

Cell Culture (Cell revival, Cell Harvesting)

Cell viability count (Dead vs viable cells)

Cryopreservation and Cell based assays

Eligibility: Students of grade IX, X, XI and XII

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