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The Ultimate Guide to Unwinding After Exams

The Ultimate Guide to Unwinding After Exams

There is a big time gap between the exam and the result. Meanwhile, at this time students can do many things, let's find out some of them.

Ms. Ishika Iyer (BTech VI)
February, 16 2023

“Sometimes the most productive thing that you can do is relax” – Mark Black

I don't think many students can honestly state that they didn't experience any stress during their time at the University.

I know I did when I stepped into college right after the lockdown. I had gotten so used to doing nothing.

It can be overwhelming for most of us to balance our academics with our social life while completing tasks such as looking for an internship.

Even if it sounds ridiculous, the idea of being out of our comfort zone after several periods of inactivity can genuinely make us feel scared.

Unsurprisingly, our stress levels are prone to skyrocket during the exam season.

After the dreadful all-nighters, mugging up various theories, and the packets of instant noodles that one gorges on during exam season, it is obvious that a vacation looks like a knight-in-shining-armour to all students.

Vacations did seem like a lot of fun to me until somewhere down my sixth movie marathon and days of the longest sleeping competition I realized that I had gotten bored!

It can be good for your creative and productive self to give your body and soul some time to unwind and be unfocused.

However, we must do it in ways where we are able to develop new skills and make the most out of the time given to us.

With a lot of thought and deliberation, I have come up with an almost-perfect guide to unwinding after the daunting exam season!

Reading and Writing

As I grow older and wiser, I find it very important to voice out my thoughts, whether it is related to something as critical as a political opinion or my thoughts on the price of vegetables in the market.

The more I read and write, the easier it is to articulate and express these very thoughts to others.

Vacation is the one time you get to keep all of the textbooks aside and indulge in some interesting novels.

Reading is like a gateway to learning everything about anything. It helps one understand others’ perspectives and build a well-rounded image.

Volunteer Work for Society

Most students are off work or home from college during the holidays, making it even easier to find some time to help those in need.

Throughout the year, we can easily get caught up in our day-to-day responsibilities, and it can be hard to carve out the time needed to volunteer.

During my last vacation, with so many of my family members around me, I found it important to set a good example for my younger cousins and siblings.

From serving warm meals to being underprivileged to providing services at homeless shelters, it’s the best way to make the most of the time given to us and feel contempt.

Furthermore, becoming part of the National Service Scheme (NSS) team at Dr. D. Y. Patil Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Institute, Pune is an excellent platform for taking responsibility towards our society.

Attending Workshops That Interest You.

I remember attending a workshop on ‘The art of directing advertisements’ during my summer break.

Not only did I get hands-on experience in the step-by-step process of making ads but also it helped me meet friends around the same age as mine, who also found the same field interesting.

I’m glad that our Institute provides such platforms for us to explore better.

After the workshop, I found myself conducting research and learning outside textbooks and academic syllabi, which increased my confidence, performance, and productivity.

It was almost like a DIY (do-it-yourself) method to learn about a skillset.


In the fast-paced world that we live in, sometimes we forget how lucky we are to be waking up another day, with food on our plates and a roof over our heads.

If you are looking for a mental boost, mindfulness and gratitude may be the answer. Being mindful is the process of being aware of oneself and one's surroundings.

It can help you relieve stress and bestow many other advantages. Gratitude is the practice of being grateful for what you have in life.

Try writing down a few points about the good things and people in your life every day.

Journaling helps you keep track of day-to-day symptoms so that you can recognize triggers and learn ways to better manage them.

Spending More Time with Your Loved Ones

Ironically enough, those cheesy sitcoms and movies were after all 100% accurate. ‘Distance makes the heart grow fonder’.

When was the last time you told your parents that you love them? Whatever the answer may be, do it today! I know that for most young adults, expressing these feelings isn’t easy.

I recommend you spend quality time with your treasured ones, talk to them, listen to them, and understand them.

Remember to really be there in that moment, with your person, because that’s a moment that you won’t be able to relive again.

Get Outdoorsy!

Physical activities revitalize your entire body. Sports are the best way to stretch your muscles and reactivate your body.

It helps both to uplift my mood and to improve whatever back pain I have from being scrunched over reading a textbook.

Although sports play a great part in keeping a person fit and toned, I found that it helped me build my time management skills and discipline as well.

At our university, events like Arcane, and Urja are great opportunities to take the first step toward sports.

Further, adding a healthy dose of nature is bound to improve any holiday, and hiking is among the easiest to organize, most approachable, and most thoroughly rewarding ways to make it happen.

Most importantly, do not indulge in your past. Be proud of whatever you have written in the exam; no matter how your exam paper went, acknowledge your hard work.

The fact that you can navigate yourself through these times is a victory in itself and deserves to be celebrated! Keep moving ahead without brooding over negative thoughts.

I will end with the famous quote by Albert Einstein, “Life is like a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving”.


Edited by: Dr. Viniti Vaidya

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